About me

Some more or less uninterresting facts about me... Or why you should date me 😲

My name is LukyLuke_ch - or Lukas Zurschmiede in the real world. Different hearts beat inside me:

  • Security: From Ethical Hacking to implementing Security for my own…
  • Programming: Different Languages,from Java to Rust and C/C++, Python, …
  • Healthcare: I am an active Samaritan with IVR-3
  • Learning: Learn everyday something new - Also teaching on a University of Applied Science from time to time…

What else do you need?

My professional History

  1. Voactional training as Constructor
  2. Being an enterpreneur for around 12 Years in IT (System technican, Programmer, Linux- and Firewall-Specialist, …)
  3. Study as a so called Multimediaentwickler - which is the todays Webdeveloper
  4. Teacher in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Internet, Graphics Design
  5. Bachelor degress in long distance at the FFHS
  6. Working one year for a project at the INS Institute for Networked Solutions
  7. Working for more than two years in a Web-Agency with Drupal 6/7
  8. Around seven Years as a Senior Javaengineer (and more) at Adcubum AG
  9. For around three months in Zagreb for Adcubum AG to build up the nearshore office there
  10. Currently employed as a Senior Security Engineer at IT-S / Extensys
  11. Started a Masters degree in Medical Engineering

to be continuted…